Saturday, November 12, 2016


                  Chips are the most popular variety of snacks on various occasions. Besides being salty, spicy or flavoured, consumer preference is always for fresh quality. Potato and banana chips are popular processed food items resulting in substantial value-addition.

                  Chips were commonly prepared in someone's kitchen and then delivered immediately to stores and restaurants, or sold on the street.They were made from potatoes that had been cooked, mashed, dehydrated, reconstituted into dough, and cut into uniform pieces. Local manufacturer also has focused on traditional chip such as salty cassava chips, sweet potato chips, tapioca chip and banana chip. 

                   Due to concern of healthy, well-being and ethnic food product, the amount of constipation of banana chip in Malaysia seems to grow. Banana chip consist of banana figs, sweet banana chip and savoury banana chip.This kind of chips are very well established and simple. It involves visual inspection and sorting of damaged potatoes and bananas and washing them in water. 

               Then they are peeled and trimmed before slicing or cutting them to the required size. Then they are once again washed and dried. They are then fried and either salt or other spices/flavours are mixed homogenously. After cooling them, they are packed in pouches or plastic bags. A typical process flow chart is as under;

1. Washing, sorting and Peeling of potatoes and bananasThe potatoes/bananas are then passed through a conveyor where they are de-stoned and then peeled.The peeled potatoes/bananas are then washed with cold water.

2.         Slicing/ Cutting

Slice the banana/potatoes into thin slices. Make sure they're all fairly 
much the same slice width, to ensure even cooking.

3.  Frying

Heat the oil. Drop slices in the pan to deep fry.
Repeat until all slices have been fried.

4.  Seasoning
Flavour is added with seasoning, salted, and passed through a 
conveyor belt so as to drain excess oil. The chips are then cooled and sorted.

6.    Packaging
Packed in pouches or plastic bags and distributed to local stores.

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