Saturday, November 12, 2016

Problem Statement

                     We want to encourage people to donate to charity while buying our scrumptious mixture of chips that they personally choose from.

                     Consumption of snacks has become a trend in Malaysia. Snack food provides a feeling of convenience and quick health enhancer. The snack food includes of potato chips, corn chips, sandwiches, pretzels and many more. The local produced savoury snacks are chips and Keropok. The demand for snack food is increasing. While in university, students have plenty of options to get snacks in between classes.The competitions between stalls will be increase which have lower prices and better quality of food. However, posters work well. We will distribute posters and brochures with big pictures of our products, the location we were selling at and our prices to attract students to come to our stalls.

                    Other than there is lots of stores and bazaar around Parit Raja and BatuPahat that sell varieties of chips with different range of flavour, tastes and prices to buy from. Some will charge with high price and some will give us good bargains. Therefore, we must be carefully roam around Parit Raja area and select the shop that sells affordable and more choices of chips. This will keep our budget under control.

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